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Always One More

There is always one more thing to do, one more experience to have, one more person to meet, one more place to go. This is both the good news and the bad news.

We are fortunate to live in a time when we have so many options. We can travel across the globe in less than a day. We can speak to someone thousands of miles away instantly. We have access to more information about history, science, medicine, philosophy, our planet, and the stars than one person could ever hope to read. We have the ability to build and create an unfathomable number of products, limited only by our imagination and tenacity.

At the same time, it is these endless choices pulling at our attention that keep us stuck in the same place. We open our email to a rush of notices – which one to read, which one to discard? In our social media apps we encounter thousands of faces and articles and ideas – which one to read, which one to like, to share, or ignore? In our homes we are surrounded by hundreds of items gathering dust – which ones to keep, which ones to donate, which ones to recycle or throw away? Then we turn on the television and hundreds of shows greet us; and if you have a service like Netflix, we have to make that thousands, perhaps millions.

Our Hopes and Dreams are Buried

Buried beneath all of these opportunities to explore are our hopes and dreams.  Some of these dreams and aspirations will force their way to the surface, screaming for us to look at them, to pay attention to them. For many, these cries give us a wistful feeling of longing right before one more diversion pulls us away.Always so many things to do

We all have something to do during our limited time on this planet. It is something that makes us feel alive and vibrant. Even though it might be just a small activity that is meaningless to others, to us when we do it, it connects us to the Divine. When we engage with it, our whole being screams YES! This is our personal Dharma; it is our mission here. In that moment of giving ourselves to it, we forget our ego self and we are filled with peace and joy.

If we have become accustom to ignoring our heart, the scream of YES might be muffled. We often need to give ourselves a little room to explore, to feel what really excites us.

With the approach of the Winter Solstice and the New Year, now is the perfect time to rediscover your hopes and dreams. Don’t wait another day.

Clear a space, both externally and internally within the mind, to check in and ask: What is it I really want to do? Then give yourself the time and space to move in that direction, ignoring all the endless distractions while embracing the sense of YES!


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