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The World Died

The world died
But we didn’t notice
Filled with denial 
We took a forced vacation
Escaping the horror story of the 24 hour news channels
We binge watched videos on YouTube and Netflix
And buried our heads
In the drama of Facebook and the Twitterverse
The entire population entertained and tortured themselves
While the world died
Yet we are still here
Aware of a world
We know little about
To comfort our minds
We’ll make up stories
And cling to memories of how it used to be
Impermanence fogging the view of our interdependency  
As we soak in the subtle anxiety
That arises whenever we glimpse past the veil
We could look
With the intent to see and know
But that would mean admitting
The world died
In the midst of our flailing attempts
To grab hold of what was
As it slips through our mind
We cannot deny we are still here
Proof of our true nature
As Infinite Eternal Awareness
Beyond the worlds we create
Together and alone
In that moment
We step outside of the Fear-net
And recognize
What Is 
Always here
We blink
Closing our eyes to Truth
The world reborn
Sweeps us away
In the beauty and excitement and horror
Of endless creation

In case you prefer poetry read to you, I added a video of this poem to my YouTube channel.


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