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Ancestral Wounds

(December 2021 Dharma Center Monthly Mindfulness Tip)

If you’ve been around me lately, you know I’ve immersed myself in the study of cryptocurrency. This has led to an exploration of the world of finance, investing, and financial markets. As I go through this learning process, I have noticed there are places where I reach a point of resistance. Sometimes it’s simple mental fatigue; I still have the tendency to forget that my body doesn’t operate at 100% and I push too far. Other times I have felt an energetic component that I must push through in order to continue my study.

As I examined a recent energetic block, I discovered there’s a component tied to our DNA. What one might call an “Ancestral Wound.” I can feel the attitudes and hang-ups surrounding wealth and all things financial originating from relatives I never knew. At first I pushed them away, since I did not consider them to be mine. But as the same blocks returned over and over, I became aware of their presence in my physical body. It’s as if these limited ideas were coded into my genes!

Once I had this epiphany, I was able to accept these notions as something I had to deal with. I looked deeper and began to name what I felt and saw. Naming a recurring story or feeling puts it in a box, which then allows us to examine it in closer detail without the danger of getting lost in random associations. I could see ideas about wealth being reserved for others and that wealthy people are cruel — things that knew intellectually to be false, yet here they were, within me. Through the practice of contemplation, I began to sit with these ideas and allow my body to feel them. With the box of ideas in mind, I could ask: “Is this true?” and “How does this belief feel inside my body?”

By giving this process the time and space it required, I could not only understand intellectually that these things imprinted upon my being were not true, but I could allow my physical body to release the fear underneath these ideas. In doing so, these ancient ancestral wounds can begin to heal.

This is not a quick and painless process. It requires one to be willing to look at and experience the depths of the distortions that can happen within our being. However, once we move through to the other side, the suffering dissolves into pure Light.

Mindfulness trains us to have the presence of mind to become aware of the things that block progress towards our goals. Meditation gives us the energy to be mindful, and provides the internal flexibility to release all that we think we are.

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