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Find the Openings

[July 2022 – Dharma Center Mindfulness Tip]

Surfing the energies of the world today is like walking on the sidewalk in Manhattan at rush hour. The first time I stepped foot outside of Grand Central in New York, I wound up flat against the wall as a wave of people washed by me. After setting my intent, I bravely entered the fray, and got bounced around as I banged against oh so many strangers! Finally I figured it out: Look for the holes!

The ever-changing open spaces between the people allowed me to move swiftly through the sea of pedestrians unscathed. As we face the abrasive energies of this world, we do the same thing: find the openings!

Everything is shifting quickly: Look for the Openings

Everything is shifting quickly. The plans we made often need adjustment. It’s easy to get caught up staring at the door that just slammed in our face. Or worse, we start beating on the door trying to get through, only to discover even if we break it down, the opportunity on the other side is gone. Instead we look for what we CAN do, right now. We look for the openings.

This requires letting go of our attachment to how we thought things should be. We might be triggered and feel underlying issues of abandonment or mistrust. Acknowledge and then let those go as well. We do this taking an honest inventory of our currently available opportunities. And then choosing one and stepping forward into that opening.

We cultivate the power to do this through our practice of meditation and mindfulness.

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