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Movement of Light

{June 2022 Dharma Center Mindfulness Tip}

The air is buzzing with Solstice energy! 

On the Path, as we meditate and practice mindfulness, we become more sensitive to the movement of the energies of life. This intelligent Light travels along the path of least resistance. It manifests as our habits and mental patterns being highlighted and brought into our conscious view, which can be painful.

Remember, energy is neutral

Energy doesn’t care what you do with it. It simply moves. If it cannot flow, it will fill up whatever vessel is containing it until it finds a crack to break through or it spills over the top.

We can try to resist, but it will keep pushing through us one way or another. Instead we can consciously create pathways for the energy to flow. 

Whenever you feel resistance, take a moment to notice what you are hoping to avoid. What are the ideas or feelings beneath the resistance? Where is the attachment?

Bring this attachment into full view of your awareness.

Recognize how much it is costing you in terms of peace and joy. Ask yourself: Am I ready to let this go? Or will I continue to pay this price?

There is no right answer. Simply being conscious of the choice being made will empower you and help release the resistance. When you are ready, the attachment will fall away naturally. 

Practice placing your attention on what you want to experience.

Focus on the brightest and highest qualities you wish to emulate. Notice them in the world around you. This will create a new pathway for the energy to flow.

waterfall photo
Image by Heiko Behn from Pixabay

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