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Pay Attention

[October 2023 – Dharma Center Mindfulness Tip]

Pay attention 
when you embark upon new adventures, 
and when you are in the monotony of maintenance, 
pay attention. 

Whether you are planning and building or 
if things are ending and you are saying goodbye, 
pay attention.

Pay attention
in moments of confusion and fear 

Pay attention 
in moments of joy and excitement. 

Pay attention to the unfolding of life all around you 
Pay attention to the unfolding of light shining all around you, 

To exist in this world, a fee is collected. 
We pay this price through our attention.
And through this payment, an experience is curated by us and for us.
As thoughts and feelings arise
As thoughts feeling fall away,
Pay attention.
Watch the pattern change as you
Pay attention.

This is the path. 
Pay attention; this is the way 
pay attention, 
it’s simple, it’s bright and deep. 

Pay attention with your full awareness and 
know you are That.

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