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Earth Connection & Ho’oponopono

Recently, I had the good fortune to receive three sound healing sessions from the magical Mikii Seed . We were on Hawaii, and she suggested I practice Ho’oponopono and welcome back my past lives. She and the partners she consulted about my case thought integrating my past lives may provide some answers for the pain and weakness of my body.

During the first session, as I relaxed into the soothing sounds of crystal bowls and her singing and chanting, memories of Atlantis rose within me. I’ve known of this particular past life for a long time, but never really let myself look at it. To help process the jumble of memories, I wrote a short story and posted it on my blog (click here). Now I know why I never explored that past life beyond a cursory exam! 😆

The next two healing sessions brought me to a deeper understanding and remembrance of my commitment and connection to this planet. You see, I’ve been here a very long time. When I first incarnated here, there was one land mass and one ocean. I’ve watched civilizations rise and fall thousands of times. I have watched the continents drift. This amazing earth is the ultimate recycler. She takes in everything and allows it to transmute into a new form. She is the ocean of Eternity, of form and formlessness, in physical manifestation.

I have always had a special connection to Mother Nature. She is me, and I am her. However I am not the only one. There are millions of us, incarnate right now, here helping anchor the highest vibrations of Light in this world. We are helping to harmonize the songs of the multitudes by our presence. We are illuminating the patterns of seeming chaos, revealing the innate beauty of existence.

Before the second healing session, my friend made plans to scuba dive. She and her guides selected Monday because the weather reports said it would be clear that day. I scheduled the second healing for the same time. 

Just before the healing session, a gentle rain began falling. I knew instantly this rain was for me, to help wash away some blockages in my body. As the healing progressed, a full on torrential downpour crashed around us. The rain opened within me channels of communication. Although outside on the lanai, a roof kept us dry. I also knew the rain would stop when the healing was over.

The back of my head released and the earth moved within me, and me within it. The entire planet expanded ever so slightly; it is growing over millennia. The tectonic plates and the bones within my skull connected; earthquakes are coming to accommodate the expansion. I asked Mother Nature to make the earthquakes small, under 4.0, to minimize any damage to the surface. I saw volcanoes erupting, creating new earth to balance the rising ocean as the ice melts. The planet expands and contracts as if breathing. To aid her breathing, she uses trees and coral, which creates a lush environment for her inhabitants. More of both would be helpful at this time; not for her benefit but for ours. (In other words, plant a tree if you can and do all you can to promote the growth of ocean coral.)

As I expected, the heavy rain suddenly stopped and tapered into a drizzle at the end of the healing session. Fortunately my friend was already under water in her scuba gear so she missed the dramatic downpour.

During the three healings, Rama was present with me. He and other teachers sat with me, acting as guides while I processed the information and remembered. Rama invited me and many of his other students to this planet, to be part of this great unfolding of Light. This massive Awakening. As I said earlier, I am not the only one. Perhaps you feel this inkling, that there is more happening than your physical senses notice.

Mikii and my friend Ajahn are collaborating on world healing. I got to sit in on one of their sessions, and I felt the healing – of opening channels of honest communication – being activated at many levels. As their work progresses, I have no doubt my body and the planet will benefit. This body I call mine is the earth itself. Perhaps it will heal completely one day. In the meantime, I am thankful for the many miracles I have experienced watching the unfolding of Enlightenment in this world.

The final healing session presented more symbolic imagery. At one point, my entire body transformed into a giant green dragon. Fierce teeth, fire breathing, with wings. Shiny green scales glistened in the sun. All of the power I have restrained and hidden for various reasons throughout my life pushed to the surface. The dragon is awake now. I’m excited to see what she will do!

How to Practice Ho’oponopono

The practice of Ho’oponopono was introduced to me about a decade ago by Lynne Miller . (Thank you!) It served me well, especially as I recapitulated many memories. I added my own interpretation and shared it with others. The graphic above shows how I do Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono works best when we focus our practice on one incident. It can be tempting to focus on a person in general, but I’ve found it is not as effective. If we select one memory, or one aspect of our relationship, then it is much easier. Please also note that this technique can be used to heal you of any relationship – not just with others, but also with our past lives, our past selves from this life, and with our body. The other party does not even need to know you are doing Ho’oponopono. It is not necessarily about healing the relationship itself; it’s about healing your relationship with that relationship. In other words, this is an internal practice for you.

As an example, let’s pretend you just bumped into the door frame as you walked through. (Something that often happens in my life!) You could go on as if nothing happened, but your body feels the jolt and is momentarily disturbed. Later on, you might wonder why your arm hurts. If you are super sensitive like me, this is a good opportunity to practice Ho’oponopono:

Say to your arm (or whatever you bumped) with sincerity: “I’m sorry for the harm I have caused consciously and unconsciously.” Stay with this step as long as you need to, until you actually feel remorse. Yes, it’s painful to recognize when we have caused harm. However taking responsibility is a powerful step towards healing.

Next say, “Please forgive me as much as you are able.” You body might not be in a forgiving mood. Maybe it has a big bruise. The point is not to receive forgiveness, but to ask for it. Again, this is about taking responsibility for our actions, regardless of what the other party does or does not do.

Follow this with “Thank you for existing in this world with me.” Your body will change. The people in your life will change. But during the incident for which you are practicing, this other does exist. Because of their existence, they are showing you something about yourself and allowing you to heal an aspect that might not have been able to be drawn to the surface without that interaction. This is indeed something to feel gratitude for!

Finally say, “I love you unconditionally, just as you are.” This is where we move into total acceptance. We are not asking or expecting any kind of change. We are not hoping our body will feel better. We are not hoping the other will do or say anything. We simply offer our pure love, as things are right now.

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