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Cryptocurrency Research Links

References to these links were made in my book Get Started with Cryptocurrency: Non-Technical Guide to Decentralized Digital Money. Amazon KDP (where your Kindle books come from) does not like it when bunches of links are published inside a Kindle book. They’re cool with a few, so instead of risking their wrath, I’ve created this list for you.

I’ve done my best to ensure the accuracy of these links and the safety of these sites, but I cannot make any guarantees. Please do your own research, and if something seems off, trust yourself.

My Coinbase referral link:

Places to spend cryptocurrency:

You can also help support my blog by sending me cryptocurrency:

  • To send me Zcash (ZEC), use this address: t1Wz72EEqUz6rD5Lc67PzHTh1BZbJFBLcaY
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  • To send me Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum-based tokens, use this address: 0x752395972b96a870bdfb5528842150aec05Efac8

Regulations & Taxes

IRS Guidelines

Coin IQ article from 2018 with an overview of the cryptocurrency regulations in all 50 US states


Coin Tracking ( and Blockfolio ( offer free and paid plans to help you track the information required for proper reporting.


What The FAQ?: An A-Z of 201 Blockchain Terms in Simple English
by Pip Farquharson

Get Started with Cryptocurrency: Non-Technical Guide to Decentralized Digital Money
by Turiya

Centralized Exchanges:

Binance (non-US users only):

Binance US (for US users, but not as many coins as the global Binance site listed above):

Currently, you can earn rewards on Coinbase by watching videos about cryptocurrency. As of this writing, you can also earn rewards on Coinbase by using a referral link to set up a new account. Here’s mine:   

Coinbase Pro:    
Coinbase Pro uses the same account profile/banking information from Coinbase. While Coinbase Pro has a higher learning curve, it has lower fees.  You can move USD and cryptocurrency assets back and forth between Coinbase and Coinbase PRO for free.



If is available in your state, you can purchase cryptocurrency with a debit card with no wait time to clear your bank. Check with your bank about any possible fees from them.

Decentralized Exchanges

Always be careful when typing in the website address; there are fraudulent websites with very similar names, especially in the DEX space. Do not use Google to find these exchanges; the tricksters are known to create Google ads so the fake website shows up at the top of the search!





Opensea (for NFTs):

More can be found at:

Software Wallets:

Hardware wallets:

Centralized Finance:

Education / News

Binance Academy

Coin Desk

Coin IQ

Coin Market Cap


Coin Telegraph


Khan Academy

Dapp University: (Education)

BitBoy Crypto on YouTube

Hxro Labs on YouTube

99BitCoins on YouTube

On Twitter, follow these blockchain developers and explore the accounts they follow