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Gazing Through Your Window


Gazing through your window, I watch you move
Swift and precise as I walk alone
On a dark street.  I want to reach up
To touch you, assure myself of solidity
But we are worlds apart and where I live
Nothing is solid and nothing is certain
Except the light that always breaks
Through the darkest shadows.

In the center of each cell
I feel the energy, the light
of Enlightenment
(Rama revealed to me)
Such ecstacy, such bliss
Within my being.  Soft, clear, pristine
It is everything.

My focus often strays to that
which is without,
And I feel the torrent
of sorrow and pain like lashes
From a leather whip.
Turning inward,
the bliss returns–
All that I see is shining, glowing
with light.

Wavering between two states
I become confused,
And wish to escape from myself,
All the while knowing
Freedom is at hand,
If I have the courage to pay the price.


~jenna   9/1995

Published inPoetry