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Stardust Bird

A bird made of stardust stretches across the heavens, bridging the gap between all the worlds. Upon noticing the suffering radiating from a small blue planet called Earth, the bird gazed upon the world. The Rama shook and shimmering feathers fell to the surface. Feathers of a million different colors and sizes floated down, and out of these feathers, a million people would be born to shine the Light.

One pure white feather grew in the heart of a man named Frederick Lenz. As the feather rooted deeper, he became the mouthpiece of the Rama. Tirelessly he taught and gathered thousands of students all around the world. Each of them also held a feather within their hearts. They called him Rama, not understanding. They saw Light pour from his body, and learned to sit in the silence of no-mind. In that timeless, spaceless place, they merged. He showed them the view of the stardust bird stretching between all the worlds. Over and over, he carried them deep into the Light.

A few students began to know the way, so they showed others, and they all began to shine.

When the body of Frederick died, some became lost because they did not understand. Others vanished into private practice, seeking to disappear into the Light. A few continued to teach and share what they knew in their hearts. New students, born with feathers in their hearts, found their way to the others.

The Rama continued to speak to all who held a feather, communicating in a million different ways. Factions formed, all insisting they heard the true voice. Confusion reigned until finally, they sat in the silence of no-mind.

In that timeless, spaceless place, they merged. One by one, each opened their eyes, saw the feather in their hearts, and knew: we are Rama.

~jenna sundell

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  1. Hathor Hathor

    Oh, wow! This is a beautiful story, thank you for writing it and sharing it with us. I felt like a little kid sitting down for story time. =D

  2. Nishta Ratna DeLewis Nishta Ratna DeLewis

    So beautiful at this time of the Equinox … love being reminded there are a few Rama feathers here on the Big Island! My heart sings with the joy of knowing Rama in this lifetime.

  3. Michael Michael

    Jenna, that is incredibly, utterly, Beautiful!
    I am sure Joseph is going to love it, especially after the powerful weekend in the Mountains that we all participated in.
    Wow! Thank you for sharing!

    • Michael Michael

      As a side note, my power object this weekend, that I kept finding so many of, including when I got back home was feathers!!!!

  4. Lakshmi Lakshmi

    So inspired! Funny, I have created a new puja table that generates power, and I just added a lovely clear vase that holds feathers I have collected. So, reading your article reminded me how the tribe is connected in wordless ways of truth and light.

  5. Brian Brian

    Thank you for writing this Jenna! My heart opens every time I think about Rama, and it aches from the beauty and ecstasy that it touches when it makes that connection. There is certainly a feather in my heart!

  6. Kuan Yin Kuan Yin

    Thank You Isis,
    Everyone will benefit who reads this. It is beautiful and holds a deep meaning for us all.

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