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Creation in the Land of Fire

[2022 October Dharma Center Mindfulness Tip]

Our recent Dharma Center Members retreat took us to the Land of Fire, the Big Island of Hawaii. We climbed to the top of the world 13,800 feet above the ocean to watch the sun rise. On another day, we sat in meditation where the lava meets the sea, embraced first by sunset and then by the infinite stars of the Milky Way. Through the darkness, we saw the light as lava burst from the earth. In short, this precious place of creation delivered a magical mystical experience for us all.

The elements of creation – ether, fire, water, air, and earth – exist within and as us. This means we can tap into the power of creation at any moment. In truth, we do – all the time!

Every thought, every word, every action ignites the fire within the ether. These thoughts, words, or actions meet the air and water, and poof – the physicality of earth comes into existence in the form of opportunities.

This is why mindfulness is so important! Buddha told us “with our thoughts, we make the world.” Buddha’s teaching is not a metaphor. It is a fact.

Watch your mind. Acknowledge what it is you are creating. Then train your mind to use your attention to create the opportunities in life you wish to experience.

When we focus on beauty and gratitude and compassion, we experience more opportunities to feel those states of being. No matter what we focus on, we will create more of that. (Quick note about the word “not” – when we say we do not want something, we are focusing on the something! When you catch yourself using the word not, reword it to a positive statement that affirms what you wish to move towards.)

Be selective about which thoughts you entertain. When we are conscious, thoughts give rise to words and actions. When our subconscious drives our words and actions, the thoughts often are noticed later. So we can learn about our habitual tendencies by watching not only our conscious thoughts, but also by watching our words and actions. Noticing what you are doing with mind, speech and body is the first step to awakening to your awesome creative power.

Of course, this practice of mindfulness is made possible by our practice of meditation. When we sit in stillness, everything becomes clear.

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