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Time Flows from the Present

[February 2024 – Dharma Center Mindfulness Tip]

Time flows from the present into the past and into the future.

Out of present perception, we recall memories of the past. With each remembering, our brain rewrites our history. We can continue to replay the horrific moments, reinforcing the trauma, however great or small. We can get stuck reminiscing, wishing for pleasure found in long gone days. Or we can look upon the past with gratitude and extract the lessons those experiences taught us.

Out of present perception, we imagine the future. With our intent, we set the stage for patterns to unfold. We can stare into the unknown with fear, drawing our nightmares out of the dark. Or we can look upon the future with gratitude and welcome the new adventures that await us.

Either way, time always flows from the present.

At present, our little meditation hall is completing a major transformation. If you are an Active Supporting Member, then you have helped create this new manifestation, and you know what is coming. For those that don’t know, we will reveal more details on February 9.

Bow to the Past

Before we get there, I want to take a moment to bow to the past. When Rama left the body, many of us Rama students felt lost. For me, it was a strong kick in the rear to start teaching again. After offering a few classes, I knew I needed a dedicated space if I was going to continue doing it. The signs lead me to an office building in Ocean Beach. A few years prior, I had wandered into the downstairs courtyard of that building with the ice cream shop, and thought: “This would be a nice place for a meditation hall.” I had completely forgotten about that intention, that innocent little wish, sent into the future.

After seeing the office upstairs, I was overjoyed with excitement and I invited my new friend Lynne Miller to look at the space. It wasn’t until she said something about it that I noticed the mauve walls and orange carpet – all I could see was the potential future; the rooms looks shiny gold to me! On the way back to the car, I told her I would call it Dharma Center. She stopped walking, turned to me, and said, “OK, I’m in.”

Lynne became the first volunteer teacher at Dharma Center, who did so much more than teach. She was supporter, confidant, decorator, and at times when my body was the weakest, caretaker. Together we co-founded a collaborative model of teaching. We invited other Rama students to teach, trained our own students to teach and shared the pathway of Enlightenment with thousands who wandered in off the street. During the past 25 years, over 30 students who physically sat with Rama and another dozen next generation students have taught at Dharma Center. It has been an honor to serve with each one of you.

When Lynne and I met, we were at a crossroads neither one of us could see at the time. I was leaving a period in my life of total fluidity and formlessness, and being called to accept the liability and responsibility of structure. Lynne was coming from a tightly organized life of work and home responsibilities, and was being called towards formlessness. As our paths crossed for a short time we bridged a gap between the 1980’s and 1990’s Rama students. The collaborative model we developed together allowed a deep healing to begin that stretched out far beyond either of us.

At Dharma Center, Lynne and I taught in our own ways. My offerings most aligned with the structures of Buddhism, while she dove deeper into the mystic. We accommodated each other as long as we could, but Eternity called us to separate paths. Lynne left to follow the river of mysticism and offer private teachings in her own formless way. My task was to stay in the public eye to build a framework to hold the teachings Rama gave me. I want to take this moment to thank Lynne for her contributions, her insights, and her friendship.

Release with Gratitude

When we move into a new phase, it’s important to acknowledge past supports and how they sit in our present view. From the present moment, we release these links with gratitude for the valuable service they have provided. If we fail to release the supports we no longer need, we can remain stuck in old views and repeat habitual patterns. By releasing with gratitude all that is no longer appropriate for us, we make room for new beneficial supports to enter our lives.

During the past 25 years, I have continued to practice Rama’s teachings and intensely study the classic teachings of Buddhism and yoga. With Dharma Center as a laboratory of sorts, Trikaya Buddhism developed. I have had the privilege of walking this pathway with brilliant students who have become accomplished teachers in their own right. I have witnessed their awakening as we all dive deeper and deeper into Light. I have been overjoyed with both next generation students and fellow direct Rama students who have taken the plunge with me to create this new form of Buddhism.

Trikaya Buddhism invites people to meet the path where they are. I believe this modern structure is needed in the world today. It provides the tools to strengthen the hearts and minds of those who seek Truth. This pathway is an anchor of light in a seemingly dark world. Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism welcomes all who are ready to allow the Light of Being to shine through them.

Join us at any of our classes to discover and practice Trikaya Buddhism. We also invite you to be involved as our community continues to build through our monthly Sangha Days. Meeting times are listed on Again, please keep an eye out for my next blog post on February 9!

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