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Gift of Light

[March 2024 – Dharma Center Mindfulness Tip]

We live in the most amazing and fantastic world, yet most of the people we run into don’t know it. They live humdrum, boring lives, doing the same thing in the same way each and every day. They don’t notice the magic of sunrise or sunset. They don’t see the leaves on the trees for what they are: magical beings dancing in light. They don’t see themselves for what they are: magical beings dancing in light.

When we meditate and enter into no-mind, that perfect silent stillness, a door opens and we can finally see. The gift of light is present. And to experience this it is so wonderfully simple: all we need to do is stop. We just need to be willing to stop everything and allow the light to pour through us. We let it happen by wanting light more than anything else.

But how do we get ourselves to want light?

We give ourselves experiences in light so we remember how magical and how intensely good it feels. We remember how much we love it, how natural it feels. We sit, and we pay attention. We also notice how it feels when we become distracted, we observe the drop in energy and the dullness. We don’t judge ourselves, we simply notice what is happening and we gently remind ourselves to look at the flowers. Not just a passing glance, but to really, really look. In that moment, we connect to what is always present and we experience the miracle of flowers, of life, and of light.

We create a discipline to give ourselves the gift of light every day. This opens an access point to personal power. It lifts us above the conventional world that holds most people hostage. We find we can see alternative ways of doing things. Then throughout the day, we strive to see the world as it really is: ever-changing, ever-growing, constantly renewing itself. We allow ourselves to be reborn every moment with the entire universe.

By following the Path, we live as explorers. We laugh, we look with curiosity, and we love all that is. This is the gift the light.

If you are ready to explore and laugh on the Path and discover the gift of light for yourself, join us at Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism.

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