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Space for Balance

The energy of the Equinox ushers us into a time of balance, yet with the non-stop spinning of life, we don’t always appreciate the balance gifted by Mother Nature. We see the new buds beginning to burst, and we feel the rush of Spring. Perhaps new projects and adventures beckon us, or maybe we have shifted into something new and we cannot wait to shake off the old. In any case, we feel the movement, the impetus to push, push, push. The Equinox passes and we become like the blade of grass desperate to break through the crust of the earth.

Beyond the shifting sands of our being, we are being held by space. Because of its subtlety, we often forget this most precious support. Our mind crowds us into a locked down version of reality, where we feel squished physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We believe that the tiny area we occupy is all that exists. Furthermore, we think we need to fight to maintain and expand it. We experience the pressure of needing to imprint upon the area around us. This is what it feels like to be out of balance with space.

Space is infinite – both within and around us. We do not need to make ourselves small to fit. Nor do we need to crowd others. We are accustomed to thinking of making space for the things in our life. This is backwards. The things in our life are what define the space we perceive. Space is endless!

Contemplate Spaciousness

Take a moment to contemplate the vast sky above us. We can add, and add, and add to that space and never fill it. Of course, we reach a point where we have trouble holding in our mind all that we have put into that space. This is where the difficulty actually lies – in the accumulation of concepts.

When you are feeling the intense pressure of Being Someone Doing Important Things, take a moment to appreciate the space around and within you. Breathe in and feel the expansion of your lungs – notice how space magically opens up. Look around your physical body and see the spaces in between all the things surrounding you. Notice how the space stretches out past your field of vision. Allow yourself to rest in this Spaciousness.

Being here, in the vast open space naturally brings balance. We stop trying to make space for everything in our life to fit. Instead we notice how it is already fitting. Then we can decide if we like how it is arranged, and make the changes from a balanced place of support.

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