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Date with a Giant

When we planned the spiritual retreat to Lake Tahoe, a few of us decided to drive there from Southern California. As plans came together, I kept getting a quiet yet persistent nudge that I needed to make a stop along the way. I examined a map and felt the call clearly: I needed to see a Giant.

Fortunately, the students who drove me were willing to indulge me in a 3-hour detour on the way home from Lake Tahoe. We took a left in Fresno and climbed the mountains into Sequoia National Park. Following the signs, we made our way to Grants Grove.

The Giants towered above us, but I did not see my Giant. It felt wonderful to be surrounded by my ancient friends in the crisp late-afternoon air. We sauntered along the walkway, until we came to a small path that led away from the crowd of tourists.

We followed it up a hill to a clearing where a log stretched out like a bench, inviting us to sit in meditation. As we sat in silence, the sounds of the children playing and squealing below faded away. I gazed at the hillside across from us. A wavy light appeared, covering the hillside, as if I was looking through a pool of water that had been touched. Ripples flowed out from the center, revealing a door into another world.

After the meditation, I asked the two students what they had seen. One of them could only smile. The other said, “I saw a dimension.”

“Yes,” I replied. “But what did it look like?”

She described the ripples of light, exactly as I had witnessed.

It’s always fun to have confirmation of our experiences in the non-physical world. For a moment I thought we had found what we needed to see, but then I felt that same quiet calling from my ancient Giant friend.

Grants Grove Sequoia National ParkWe headed back to the main trail and it split. An unmistakable force pulled me to the left. As we rounded a corner, I instantly recognized my Giant. On the surface, he looks like all the other Giant Sequoias, but I could feel him calling for a hug.

I turned off the main path and headed toward the Giant. One my students, stunned by my sudden speed, stopped to snap a few pictures. The pictures revealed a shower of light pouring down on me and my ancient friend.Grants Grove Sequoia National Park

As soon as I hugged the tiny part of the tree I could get my arms around, I felt power surge through me. Exquisite love and renewal is the only way I can attempt to describe it. Weeks later, I still feel it.

Gifts from Mother Earth and Eternity are given freely; however we need to be open and receptive to their call. The next time you feel that gentle tug, that inspiration to go somewhere, even if it’s a little out of your way, I highly recommend you follow it.

You can read about our adventures in Lake Tahoe in my previous post, Retreat and Return.


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  1. Brenda Brenda

    So enjoyed the details of your Lake Tahoe adventure with a giant. It is amazing how old and wise these trees are. They have so much to teach us. But we can only get the information by opening up our hearts and awareness field. I think you did a wonderful thing by hugging that tree. You both needed that unification of spirits. Wonderful tale, Jenna! Thanks for sharing it…

  2. Michael Michael

    Great inspiring story! I had to hug a tree in Walnut Creek shortly after arriving, it was a big Redwood tree in a small park I was walking by. It to was calling to me!

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