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Dissolving Attachments

Attachments are dissolved by becoming aware of the suffering they cause. We are naturally inclined to want to feel good, so when we know something causes pain, we stop doing it. However, we must actually know and be fully aware of the painful consequences of an attachment; an intellectual understanding is not enough.

Once we know, beyond a shadow of doubt, the hot stove will burn us, we automatically We must be fully aware of the painful consequences of an attachment to resist itpull our hand away once we feel the heat. There is no extra effort or will power required; we simply do it.

The same is true when we become fully acquainted with our attachments, and we know, beyond a shadow of doubt, the pain is caused by the attachment. At that point, the attachment naturally falls away.

Attachments Unbalance Us

As you practice mindfulness, you’ll become more and more aware of your many attachments. You’ll know you’ve hit one when you get knocked off balance. Set aside some time to contemplate the recurring patterns that cause suffering in your life. Dig deep until you see the underlying attachment. Keep looking, and allow yourself to know what that attachment is costing you. Once you really know, you’ll change without further effort; the attachment will dissolve.


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  1. Anthony Anthony

    Great teleconference call today! The detailed discussion about attachment and it’s relation to postponing happiness was very insightful.

  2. Brian Brian

    The talk was top notch and very enlightening. The questions and answers at the end was wonderful as well. I would love to attend more of these. 🙂

    The call quality was not the best, however. Parts of the talk were hard to hear and meditating to the music was not practical. I would be willing to use Skype or another medium for these talks.

    Please keep them coming!

  3. garden vegetable garden vegetable

    Was wonderful to try the class remotely and have this as an option. I got very high and felt connected to everyone. The talk on Karma added a deeper level of understanding. Although the music did cut in and out the meditation was still powerful.
    Hope to do it again soon! Thank you for offering this

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