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Battle with Set – the God of Chaos

Near the end of a project, especially a writing project, I find myself so engrossed everything else in my life lands on the back burner. This time was no different. When I committed to an early December release date for my next book, I dove in head first and didn’t surface until I had a manuscript and cover ready for print.

I’m excited to report, I beat my deadline – only by a few days, but hey, I still made it with time to spare! The Awkward Years: 64 Tips for Surviving High School is now available on Amazon!

A few days ago, after I clicked the final approval, I looked around my house and saw the colossal mess and piles of chaos everywhere. My husband and I began a cleaning spree, where most of the house received a thorough dusting and items we no longer need were discarded. The office still needs to be decluttered, but I’m taking time to catch up with the piles of emails and time sensitive Dharma Center matters first. And writing this blog, of course!

After a busy day of clearing away clutter, including the piles that had gathered on my dresser and nightstand, I fell into a deep sleep.

In the astral world of dreams, I found myself in ancient Egypt. Set – the god of chaos – had returned with his army, sending the population into terror. He took over the pyramid temple where I worked as a priestess along with many others. Screams filled the air and misery permeated all levels of the city.

A small group of us fought back. We knew attacking the army was futile; we had to stop Set. We devised a plan and were able to trick him into going to the Underworld where he would be trapped.

Once Set was gone, a wave of peace enveloped the city and his army disbanded. I surveyed the damage and noticed the body of an old man in rags near me who had been killed during one of the many battles. People worked together and began to clear away the debris and prepare the dead for burial.

I stood alone near the old man, and suddenly he revived. I knew instantly Set had clawed his way out of the Underworld and was using the old man’s body as a vessel.

As he stood up straight, the body popped and cracked. He looked at me with menace and commanded, “I am Set and you will give me your allegiance!”

I held my stance and stared defiantly into his eyes. Gathering my courage, I said, “No, you are an old man in rags who has no influence here. No one would ever believe that Set would inhabit such a frail body.”

I walked away and heard him shouting at me with rage, but I knew he did not have any of his magical powers. Set’s true form, and the majority of his power, was still trapped in the Underworld.

A long line of people had formed at the entrance of the Temple. I yelled out with a grin: “There’s a crazy old man who thinks he is Set!”

People began laughing and joking. The scene took on a festive atmosphere as they celebrated the end of the war.

Set may have returned, but his power did not. Chaos and disorder were still present, but it no longer ruled the city. I woke feeling like I had endured many battles, but also with feelings of optimism and triumph.

Later that day, I saw a pair of hawks soaring in the sky, reminding me of Horus. It was a welcome sign of protection and good health after a night battle. I take it as a good omen for the success of my new book, The Awkward Years, and for getting the rest of the clutter and chaos in my life under control!



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