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Home with Mother Kali

When I was debating about to accept the invitation India, a short simple poem about Mother calling me home came through me. Now that I am here, I understand. Here is a piece that poured through me after visiting the Kali Temple in Bengaluru on our first full day of adventuring in India.

Shree Kaliamman Temple

Down the alley filled with cows,
One of the many homes of the Divine Mother.

Standing in front, I called to Her.
Stepping over the threshold
She welcomed me home.

Tears of joy and release
Burst from my heart.
I bowed in deep devotion.

Seeing her image above the shrine,
She filled me with Her light
Clearing away maya’s veil.

I see Her even now
On the crowded city street
My heart is Her’s
She is mine.

Stepping in front of the sacred stone
She bowed through me
Touching my forehead on the floor
She rushed through me
Destroying and creating
Every layer of Being
Tears streaming down my face
Her water washing this body.

In the backyard, the ancient tree
Stands witness to time
Surrounded by only a few of
Her countless images
I wished for an offering to give
A few steps later, a random lemon,
Shining and perfect against the wall.
Placing the offering
At Her feet
My heart melted into the earth
Her body and mine
As One.

The tree called to me,
An old friend
From another time
When she was a sapling
Mother Kali grows through the branches,
Spreading blessing upon the wind.

Upon the roof, a nest of bees
Dances in Her hair
As individuals merge back into Her.

Prasad is given,
I offer all to Her
Waves of love
Overwhelm the body
I drink the sacred chai
Tears release once again.

Leaving the temple,
She holds me close
Knowing no separation
I prostrate upon the floor
Giving thanks for

March 5, 2019
Bengaluru, India

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  1. This is beautiful, Turiya! Thank you so much for sharing it! I would love to read a book about your experiences in India! ?✨

  2. Brian Brian

    I felt Kali’s intense and unfathomable love through your poem. It is truly beautiful beyond words. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I found a new connection to Mother Kali, an openness to give and receive and be one with the magic of Light all around us all.

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